Helping you choose

There's a lot of uses for the drill press, so naturally there's a heap of different types of drill presses. Drill presses are pretty easy to use and understand but it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. It's hard because there's so much choice regarding the different styles and model of drill press. The best drill press for you also must take your budget into consideration. So in this article we're going over a list of the top drill presses to help you understand which one is for you.

The WEN 4208 is a great entry level drill press. This is because this benchtop drill press is high quality, powerful but still at a price point you would expect from a beginners drill press.  The WEN 4208 is a 5 speed drill press, meaning there are 5 separate speed settings you can set the spindle to rotate at. This drill press is a top seller, and for a good reason. It is built very sturdily of cast iron so that it won't fall apart easily. The engine on the WEN 4208 is only 1/3 Horsepower so it can handle most jobs your average drill press user does, but not larger scale industrial applications. This is overall a fantastic drill press at a good price that is why it earns the top spot on this list of reviews.

The SKIL 3320 is another high quality benchtop drill press. Like the WEN 4208 this model also has 5 speed settings so you can adjust the speed of the drill bit according to what material you're drilling holes in. The SKIL 3320 is slightly larger than the wen 4208 with a 10 inch capacity instead. This drill press offers great value for money, because it has some features that are normally only found on much more expensive machines. Features that make this drill press a bargain are for example the laser guidance system which is there to ensure accurate drilling every time. This drill press is a piece of cake to assemble and get started with so over all this is a very good drill press for beginners.

The Delta 18-900l is a very expensive drill press that has all of the fancy bells and whistles you will expect if you're a professional and are used to top quality tools. Unlike the drill presses mentioned previously in this article this is a floor drill press. Basically that means that the delta 18-900l is much larger than a benchtop drill press and is mounted to the floor rather than bolted onto your work bench. This drill press has a remarkable 16 different speed settings, which blows away most other options in this category. The depth scale and depth stops on the 18-900l are micro adjustable so they're very precise. All things considered this is probably the best drill press on this list. The major downside is how very expensive it is. This drill press is well outside the price range of most hobbyists. It really only makes sense to get a very expensive drill press like this if you're a professional.